​​​Hiring Our Veterans

Many companies actively seek to hire military veterans, recognizing the broad technical skills and work discipline that these candidates usually possess. Through Division 10's HOME Program (Hiring Our Military Envoys), we use an extensive network of military-related contacts to match qualified candidates with companies interested in hiring veterans.

Unique Process

We pride ourselves as a premier provider of recruitment solutions. Our 
Team Builder™ is a detailed process utilizing a ‘high touch--high tech’ approach to carefully screening job seekers. Every stage of our process is designed to effectively identify outstanding candidates from our vast network of job seekers.

Established over thirty years in business, we have developed the most efficient processes involved in the six major steps of the hiring process. Through our Recruiting Roadmap, Candidate Matrix, Hiring Guide, and New Employee Coach, we will guide you through interview process and job offer preparation.

Your Unique Organization  

Your company is unlike any other. It has its own unique blend of culture, style and environment. You are hiring a person, not just a skill set. Our vast network of candidates allows us to significantly expedite the search for outstanding individuals that fit your organization.

At Division 10 Personnel, we tailor a recruiting program to your specific needs---whatever your hiring goals. Our strength lies in our unique ability to identify and refer excellent employees who share a long-term commitment to your company’s success. 

Allowing You To Meet Supplier Goals

The firm’s WBE certification allows Division 10 Personnel to contribute to an employer’s supplier diversity initiatives. This certification is a stamp of authenticity and helps our clients attain excellence in procurement diversity.

As an established woman owned business, Division 10 is committed to diversity hiring in the workplace. We are dedicated to helping our clients build strong companies with a diverse workforce of employees that is valued and positioned for success.


​Division 10 Personnel


Hiring veterans is not just smart business – it’s the right thing to do. If you want military heroes as part of your workforce, let Division 10 Personnel’s HOME Program find you qualified veterans to help you succeed. Our "Military Based Candidate Matrix" clearly explains how skills acquired in the military transfer to civilian positions.

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