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About Division 10 Personnel​​​​

​Bringing Together Quality Companies and Qualified Employees

​A workforce of talented, productive employees is critical to any success oriented business. Having a knowledgeable recruiting partner can make all the difference... for both employer and employee.

​With more than three decades of experience pairing quality companies with qualified workers, Division 10 Personnel has a strong track record in the recruiting field. It has consistently been demonstrated that our talent and determination have earned us a high level of prominence in Southeastern Wisconsin.

​Our strong roots contribute to a vast referral network of qualified candidates. This allows us to quickly and efficiently identify top caliber employees for a high priority job opportunity.

​Don't waste time - and money - pouring through resumes and job boards. Instead, put Division 10 Personnel
​​'s recruiting experience to work finding your the right professional and technical employees. If you've got the job, we'll find the candidates.

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