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Contract / Temporary

Contract / ​​Temporary placement is an excellent hiring solution for companies in need of high caliber individuals on a long-term temporary basis. The program allows employers to build flexibility into their hiring process. This service is appropriate for hiring for a particular project. Also, Contract / Temporary placement allows an employer to maintain productivity during an employee’s extended leave. This program allows employers the ability to capitalize on business opportunities in the marketplace while maintaining agility with regard to their staff.


Temp-to-Hire offers the employer unique benefits. This arrangement provides tremendous flexibility—allowing a company to staff up or down quickly and cost-effectively. This option enables the employer a great way to find the right candidate for a full-time position. The company has a firsthand opportunity to evaluate a worker's skills as they tackle projects. Through the day-to-day experiences of the trial period, both the company and the employee can make realistic decisions about whether the fit is good on both sides.

Direct Hire

​​​​​Direct Hire is designed for client companies interested in sourcing highly qualified employees for key administrative or professional positions. A placement fee is due only if a candidate is hired by a client company. This “no-risk” performance-oriented option is an excellent choice for employers interested in quickly identifying superior individuals. Our vast network of outstanding candidates allows our team of recruiters to significantly expedite the recruiting process. We screen the “cast of thousands” so that you don’t have to.